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Unlike a brick and mortar store, a website is available to customers at all hours of every day.  What’s important for you as a website owner is you want to showcase your company brand as easily and successfully as possible.  Make it easy to read, enjoyable to stay on your page and intrigue them to take action, such as a purchase.  How do you do that?  Pay attention for 5 key factors.


When we open a book, why aren’t the letters stretched out to all edges of the page?  It’s hard on the eyes and discourages the mind to stay on the page.  When arranging photos on a yearbook page, you want the people in the photos to look towards the center of the book, not facing outward which makes the mind want to turn the page.  There are formatting strategies to keep the visitor on the page.  Easy reading and placement of images are important and you want to leave open space or “white space” to suggest the page is upscale and worth your attention.



Similar to white space strategy, color is also influential on the ease of reading the website.  Remember, we want the user experience to be easy and intriguing.  So, keep the following in mind when choosing colors on your site.

  • Keep it consistent throughout and relate the colors to your brand logo.
  • There should not be loud, bold colors that contract with each other.
  • Keep background colors subtle (don’t forget white space)
  • Use bold colors for buttons or call to action statements such as “Call Now!
  • Font colors should work well together. Don’t use too many different colors within the page.  Remember, readability is the main purpose.



It’s like a map.  Make it easy for visitors to find what they are looking for.  The menu should be clear and easy to follow.  Keep these in mind:

  • Menu labels should be descriptive so they know exactly where they are going if they click on it.
  • The menu options should be placed at the top of the site, where users are used to finding them
  • The main menu option needs to be on every page
  • If your site has many pages, include subheadings and a sitemap so if the visitor gets lost in your content, they know how to get back to where they want.


Like we mentioned in the white space section, placement of text and images are important for keeping the page easy to follow.  Long lines of text for paragraphs are a turn off for readers who want a quick answer or solution.  If the user doesn’t find what they are looking for, they are quick to search elsewhere, and we’re talking an attention span within 8 seconds.


Undoubtedly, more searches are being performed from mobile phones and it’s expected these days that all up-to-date websites are adaptable to a mobile phone.  If the user has to zoom in with fingers in order to read the text or search one page, you might as well stop using your website.  They will leave your website in the blink of an eye.



We discussed the space, colors, alignment, usability, and now just double check all your text is in the right style.  Check:

  • Style
  • Size
  • Colors
  • Spacing and paragraph styles



Are your visitors going to want to stay on your page?  Is it interesting and eye catching?  Do they know how to find what they are looking for?  Do they know how to make the purchase?

Think about what they expect to see and what would make them happy?  Do you have a special offering?  Make it noticeable.  Keep it simple, easy, fast, and productive for the user who puts their time into visiting your page.


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